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Membership Fees $135.00  (Valid for 12 mths from the date of joining)

Concession Membership Fee $90 (must hold a valid concession card)

Junior Membership Fee $80 (16years & under) (Valid for 12 mths from the date of joining)

LSCV Kids 1/10th $30 (13 & under) (must be paid in order to race with LSCV Kids)

(valid within the calendar year - includes end of year medal)


( NOTE - LSCV does not have an additional joining fee or late payment

fee but non member fees will be payable until membership is paid )



$15 per race day (first class)

$10 additional class (additional marshals must be available in order to enter another class

LSCV Kids Race day fee $2

$15 per practice / fun day (or otherwise advised)



$30 per race day (first class)

$20 additional class


Track hire available from $250 for the first 4 hours (excl. insurances) – conditions apply

RCRA rules and regulations can be found here -

LSCV Club Rules

LSCV are a family friendly club dedicated primarily for the enjoyment of racing off road RC vehicles in a friendly and competitive environment. While your children are most welcome be aware of the dangers associated in the sport as it is solely your responsibility to look after them while they are at the field .We demand that all who attend be respectful and recognise the value and importance of all the volunteers of whom without there will be NO RACING!

1. The consumption of Alcohol or drugs before or during racing day by any driver, pit crew, or official will not be tolerated in any way and the offenders will be asked to leave the premises. 

 2. There will be no driving of R/C vehicles outside of the track or in the pits or spectators. There will be a separate testing/tuning area designated on track days.

3. Only the race timing vehicle is allowed to park their car near the drivers stand. All other vehicles are to park in the designated car park (unless otherwise advised)

 4. All remote control and motor vehicles are driven on the grounds at your own risk. The club will NOT be held responsible for any damage or losses received whilst you are on the grounds of LSCV

5. No Promotion of any other business or clubs unless: a) They are a sponsor or promoter of Large Scale Club of Victoria b) There is prior approval from Large Scale Club of Victoria committee members. 

6. All R/C Vehicles must have a Working kill switch fitted (e.g. Hilantronics killswitch etc.)

7. The use of AVC, traction control devices, active suspension or steering devices aided by gyroscopes or accelerometers of any kind is strictly prohibited.

8. The use of race fuels such as avgas, E85, methanol or similar is prohibited.

9. Members will be asked to help with the maintenance from time to time notice of “working bee” days will be posted.

10. It is requested that you provide bags to put your own rubbish into and take it home, alternately   all Rubbish Must be placed in the bins provided. Nothing to be left on or around the track/pit area. 

11. At the end of day, all participants are encouraged to help clean up and pack up. Plenty hands make light work. 

12. Members having completed a 3 mths member period, 3 race meets and 3 working bees become eligible to pay a key deposit which will allow them to use the track at any time (within reason). Keys are non transferable. A committee member must be notified of the day and time that the member will be attending the track and must be present. This will be noted on a register and posted on facebook as a short notice Test & Tune event. Non members may only use the track on days of posted events (this can either be a race day or a test & tune day). Short notice Test & Tune days are posted regularly.

Race days - a fee of $15 (members) and $30 (non members) for the first class and $10 & $25 respectively for each additional class  is to be paid after signing the "sign in register"

Test & Tune days a fee of $10 (unless otherwise advised) is to be paid after signing the "sign in register"

The track is available for private hire at a rate of $250 per day (t&c apply) please contact us for more details about private hire.

LSCV reserves the right to update fees at any time.


MINIMUM acceptable BEHAVIOUR at an LSCV race day

A clerk of course will be appointed at the briefing before racing begins by all the official entrants of the race meeting by a majority vote to any willing member of LSCV who is NOT racing on that day whose sole purpose is to make the final ruling on any disputes that arise during the event and that decision he or she make will be final and not up for debate. This person will solely have absolute power over any dispute brought to them by the committee.

1.       All members are to display good sportsmanship and co-operate with your fellow competitors and officials at all times, No Verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated at any time at an LSCV event towards a committee member, official, competitor or spectator and will be dealt with accordingly by the appointed clerk of course who’s ruling will be final and the appropriate penalty he or she seems fitting cannot be challenged.

2. If there is an issue or grievance contact an LSCV committee member after the event and if the matter needs a ruling the appointed Clerk of Course will make the final decision after a brief interview by both disputing parties.


  • Before any vehicle is started, All Vehicles will need to pass Scrutineering e.g. Brakes Kill Switch 

  • Drivers must “Marshall” when Their Race Is Complete If You cannot Please Find someone to replace you or speak to race director. NOTE: - If We Don’t Have Marshalls we cannot Race). If You Don’t Show for a Marshalling Job a race points Deduction will occur. 

  • Once you have been briefed on how to safely Marshall only then may you Grab a Yellow Vest & enter the track and at no time should you put your own safety at risk

  • Correct footwear is required on or around the track at all times. (No thongs, slippers or sandals)

  • Driving or marshalling under the influence of drugs or alcohol will forfeit any points accrued on race day and you will be asked to leave the premises until the end of racing.

  • Marshalling

  • Drivers Must after their race is completed Marshall the next race (if you are racing the next race u must find someone to cover u or let race director know) everyone will have sufficient time between races to repair cars. See (track rule 2)

  • Only the dedicated marshalling cages are to be used unless directed elsewhere by the race controller.

  • Make sure you are aware of any traffic on the track before you enter the track.

  • Do not pick up the car if it is revving up or wheels are spinning only flip once they wheels have stopped spinning (BE CAUTIOUS OF HOT EXHAUSTS)

  • Try to put the car down facing the right track direction.

  • If the race meet is deemed to be an official AARCMCC event the AARCMCC Code of conduct rules will apply in addition to the above rules

 LSCV membership procedures

From February 2017 all members who wish to be a member of LSCV will, for a period of one year, be considered a probationary member upon payment and the signing of the LSCV membership application form. Their name will, as soon as possible, be published on LSCV Facebook forum.  Any member of LSCV will be able to dispute their application in writing to the LSCV secretary. Upon receiving this letter, at the next general meeting of LSCV, each party will be given 10 minutes to state their case. No questions nor debate will be allowed by either party or LSCV members. After statements have been considered by the LSCV members, they will be required to vote on the secret ballot form supplied. Each party will count and tally the votes whereby the outcome will be announced to the members of LSCV. This decision by the LSCV members is final! 

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